SKills2Bank Demo

Find Your Hidden Transferable Skillls

  • Problem: All young people often lack confidence and have difficulty articulating their transferable skills. They are facing massive employment issues, and it’s even more difficult for BAME, Disabilities cohorts. 
  • Solution: Skills2Bank inspires confidence in all young people for interviews, assessments and Higher Education applications through transferable skills discovery.
  • How: Skill ‘posts’ from sports, clubs, hobbies, academic life, WEX, internships, uni employability courses, BLM/BAME, caregiving, disabilities, lockdown. 
  • Benefits Users: Improved skills confidence and self-awareness will improve outcomes but Skills2Bank cab also connect them with employers that believe in BAME, BLM, Disability Inclusiveness and Social Mobility
  • Benefits Educational Providers: Can provide regular customised employability posts through an app.
  • Benefits Corporates: Improve BLM, BAME, Disability, Youth Unemployment employer branding and connect with a diverse talent pool.
  • USP’s: This app is more like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, SnapChat than Powerpoint, Pdf’s or endless Google searches