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The app that takes 20 million interview advice hits and fits them into an app will help build your interview confidence and improve your performance. Now available free!

Disability Confident App Coming Soon…

SKILL2USE: FOUNDED BY PERSON WITH DISABILITY CODED: BY A DEVELOPER WITH DISABILITIES BUILDING INTERVIEW CONFIDENCE FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES: Newsflash: Skills2Use announced the next stage of development… Version 2 will have the best interview prep advice for people with disabilities and best in class access, together with hints and tips on over 200 questions. Ashley […]

Apprenticeship Interview Prep – classic questions delivered through digital channels

Sometimes it’s difficult to spend sufficient time with students and let’s face it, most of us are still using PPT and Pdf’s to engage with Gen Z.¬† The new Skills2Use app may come in useful, every key general and vocational National Apprenticeship Service interview questions are answered with visual content pushed directly to a student’s […]

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